Thinking of coming to Seville? Here is some information to help you get around. Enjoy your stay!


Timetable and route.


  • ONE-WAY AIRPORT BUS TICKET: 5€, sold on board.
  • Return airport bus ticket: 6€. Valid for return trip on the same day, sold on board.
  • Travelcard. Each trip on the airport bus costs 5€. The minimum top up amount is 7€ and the maximum is 50€. This card is transferable and as such any number of persons can travel using just the one. You can also use it on any of our other routes in the city (buses and tram). Please note that there are two types of travel card: Without Transfer ('Sin Transbordo') where each trip costs 0.69€ and With Transfer ('Con Transbordo') where you pay 0.76 and can then use any other route within the next hour. You can purchase this travlecard at over 900 kiosks, tobacconist's and other establishments all over Seville or at TUSSAM'S own points of sale at Prado de San Sebastian, Plaza Ponce de Leon and 11, Avenida de Andalucía. When you first buy the travlecard you must pay a deposit of 1.50€. This deposit will be reimbursed on the return of the card.
  • Monthly airport travelcard: This card is non-transferable and allows the bearer to travel on any route including the airport bus for thirty days from the first day of use.


There are many routes you can use from Seville's two main train stations: Santa Justa and San Bernardo.

  • Routes from just outside Santa Justa: 21, 32, C1, C2 and the nighttime buses A7 and A8.
  • Routes from just outside San Bernardo: EA (airport bus), LN, LE, T1 (tram), 22, 25, 26, 28, 29, 38, 52, C1, C2 and the nighttime buses A4 and N29.